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Mira “Dalene” Harris

My name is Mira “Dalene” Harris and I am 57yrs. young.  At the age of 34yrs, I had my first surgery for colon cancer.  The chemo treatment disrupted by a second emergency surgery.  The initial colon resection was infected, became septic, and causing toxicity.  This was 23yrs ago when chemo treatment felt toxic, ports were a last resort, and treatment rooms were less private.  

I am 23yrs colon cancer free!  The year of 2019 started the pandemic; I lost my sister, mother, and a brother end of 2019, going into 2020.  The year 2020 ultimately changed the world with the pandemic.   PLEASE BE GONE!  

In March of 2021, I discover I have stage one breast cancer.  It will require 12chemo treatments; a lumpectomy; radiation; and additional chemo.  What a blessing!!!!!  I just finished what was my 10th treatment with two remaining.  Next, surgery!  I will go through continued processes of healing.  We serve a mighty God and I thank Him for His Grace (stage 1) and Mercy (still colon cancer free).   

My first round with cancer was one thing but this second round was the least of my worries.  In doing for others, I put my best survivor instincts together and showed up weekly to a facility that strives on keeping patients alive.  OUTSTANDING!!!.   What a blessing to have a purpose to be there.  Developing relationships with nurses, while perking up those in treatment by just showing up with the proper presence.  His presence.  God loves me and can use me in any circumstance to show HE LIVES.  If I stay true to whom He is, there is no question who it is they see.  When I die on earth, I live eternally WITH Him.  No words!!!!! Just gratitude.  

Thanks to Mrs. Lakesha Robinson and Claudette’s Kids Foundation for adopting my family during what most would consider a trying time.  For me, God has already answered more prayers and there are even promises expected☺. 


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