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Claudette's Kids Foundation is a non-profit organization. Our mother Claudette Colon-Latimore was a single mom and lost her battle to breast cancer in December 2004. This foundation was formed to help children and families of single parent homes, but not limited those, who are battling cancer, survivors and those who have lost their fight to cancer. We provide scholarships to college and school age children to assist with educational and academic pursuits. In addition to those scholarships, we also provide assistance to families with non-scholarships award through various avenues especially during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season.


**All scholarship applications are due by April 15th**

To be considered for a scholarship from Claudette’s Kids Foundation, high school candidates must:

  • Have a parent who is:  1) a breast cancer survivor, 2) currently going through treatment, or 3) who has lost their battle with cancer

  • Complete the attached scholarship application

  • Be a US citizen

  • Be in their senior year and graduating from a public high school in the current academic year

  • Have been accepted to an accredited college or university

  • Demonstrate a record of self-betterment and academic pursuit

  • Provide an original copy of their high school transcript

  • Submit 2 letters of recommendation – one from a teacher/faculty member; one from someone within the candidate’s community                    


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