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Our Inspiration, Claudette Colon, was born in Wetumpka, Alabama on July 28, 1947 in Wetumpka, Alabama. Claudette grew up in Wetumpka but decided to make that long move to Ohio.  During that long trek to Ohio… she made a few pit stops and gained the loves of her life...her children- Angela, Joe and LaKesha.  Her final destination was Cleveland, Ohio.


 She was an excellent seamstress and she pursued her dream as she graduated from Virginia Marti School of Fashion and Design. She designed and made clothes for her children and others which included wedding gowns, prom dresses, and men's fashions. One job that she really enjoyed was Costume Designer at Karamu Playhouse Theater. She was able to make her own designs and put that "Claudette" touch on the different costumes. 


Claudette was a loving friend and neighbor.  She always had an extra child with her...adding to her own matter what! In 1994, after completing the required Early Childhood Development courses, Claudette started her own "Loving Arms" home daycare center. Compassion for her daycare was always evident. The cliche, "It takes a village to raise a child was her inspiration.


In 1991, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. She gathered her family together and told them that we will beat this together. Education was a value she instilled in her children at an early age. So while she went through chemotherapy, two of her children focused on their college courses. She continued to battle cancer which on two occasions came back with a vengeance, but she still held on and fought!!


On December 6, 2004 she gained her heavenly wings. In December 2014, Claudette's Kids Foundation, was formed in honor of the struggles Claudette faced taking care of three children while in the midst of battling cancer. Our foundation will be of assistance to those who most represent their role during Claudette's fight. For children with single-parents battling cancer, surviving cancer, or those whose parents have lost the battle, Claudette's Kids Foundation will be a vital resource for children and families affected by breast cancer. 

Claudette Colon-Latimore

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